Meditate the Nordic way

Meditate the Nordic way

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Acem retreats

A number of meditation retreats take place every year at Acem's international retreat centre Halvorsbøle near Oslo, Norway.

One week deepening retreat

A deepening retreat offers the possibility to experience the full effect of Acem Meditation, leading to essential changes in your meditative process and in everyday life. Next international deepening retreat is coming up in January 2017

Training in Interpersonal Communication 2017

A rare opportunity to explore your personality and the way you interact with others; the benefits will be felt in your professional and private life. Being arranged in April/May. Click here to learn more.

An historic event: World Retreat in the Spanish Pyrenees

Around 460 participants from different countries and continents met for a week of meditation and yoga, guidance and seminars, workshops and entertainment, mountain walks and social interaction in July this year. The historic event was part of celebrating Acem's 50th anniversary.