Long Meditation

Course type: Group Meditations

Drop-in sessions with group meditation of one hour or less followed by discussions and sometimes a talk on a meditation related topic.

Group Meditations

Course facts

(full time students: €3.00)
Sunday 17 February 2013
11:00 - 13:30


Drop-in session with 90 min group meditation followed by discussion and guidance.

Long meditation is crucial to understand the potential of Acem Meditation. We recommend 90 min group meditation from time to time to enhance the meditation process and to get a better grip on the technique.

The meditation is followed by a discussion and guidance with a qualified instructor or initiator. This may stimulate more of your potential for personal growth. The beneficial effects of meditation on the personality, body and health increase during longer meditations.


The course is arranged by Acem UK School of Meditation

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Drop-in session. No enrolment
Open to all who have learned Acem Meditation


Eva Skaar

Head of Acem UK. Acem Meditation Initiator. Artist.