First Follow-up Course (M1) in English

Course type: First follow-up course M1

The course consists of five sessions. Sometimes the course is over one or two weekends, or it is a drop-in concept where you can attend the sessions (modules) you want.

First follow-up course M1

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(full time students: €55.00)
Course starts
Sunday 11 November 2012, 11:00
Course ends
Sunday 02 December 2012, 14:30
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First follow-up course M1 over two Sundays: Learning Acem Meditation is a process. You will get a chance to reflect on your experiences with Acem Meditation, a review of the basics and different topics centred around the psychology of meditation:

  • Entering the process: Establishing meditation habits 
  • The major tool: How to use the meditation sound
  • Obstacle to growth: Concentration as a mental attitude
  • Key to growth: The free mental attitude
  • Reflections of self-images: Evaluations and metathoughts

The course is arranged by Acem International School of Meditation

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Open to all who have learned Acem Meditation Two Sundays: Nov. 18th and Dec. 2nd. Times: 11am to 2:30 pm each day.


Christopher Grøndahl

Acem Meditation Initiator. Novelist and Screenwriter.