Acem Talk: Meditation Stories are Life Stories

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What's your typical reaction when challenged? Do you easily give in or do you mobilize as Andy Murray?  Or does it vary dependant on the situation?

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Tuesday 20 May 2014
19:00 - 20:30


Your typical reactions become visible when you meditate – and especially if you join a meditation retreat over a weekend or a week.  If you associate to similar reactions in your life and give yourself the time and the patience to explore these in a wider context, you will discover that your meditation stories are also your life stories.

 Initiator Rolf Brandrud will give examples of meditation stories which are also life stories – and discuss how exploring meditation experiences can open new opportunities for moving on in your life.


The course is arranged by Acem UK School of Meditation

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The seminar starts at 7pm. 30 min group meditation from 6.15pm for those who are interested.


Rolf Brandrud

Acem Meditation Initiator, 30 years background as journalist and editor in Norway’s national public service broadcaster NRK