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Now in Singapore:

Acem Meditation from Norway

Learn to cope with the stress and challenges of modern life 

* Deep relaxation and increased energy 
* Better concentration and health 
* Self-exploration 

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Acem Meditation 
is a non-religious technique for relaxation, recreation and personal development. Acem Meditation is easy to learn, and involves the inner repetition of a simple sound. It is usually done 30 minutes twice a day, or 45 minutes once a day. Acem Meditation originates in Scandinavia, where medical doctors, psychologists and other experts have spent the last 35 years developing a psychology of meditation as well as courses and guidance based on modern teaching methods and group dynamics. This has increased the potency of meditation, with better effects for the practitioner. 

To Scandinavians, Acem Meditation is like taking an inner walk in the woods once or twice a day. Now people from all over the world are learning this meditative technique. While useful, it is not possible to learn Acem Meditation by reading or listening to audiotapes or CD's. Skill in this form of meditation must be acquired through the personal guidance of qualified instructors. Do not miss this opportunity to learn this internationally known method of meditation! 

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