Meditation - from Eastern beliefs to Nordic practice now expanding globally

Acem meditation is not something you believe in.  It is a practice you learn to do well - like Christiano Ronaldo masters playing soccer.  In this FREE talk in the New York Acem Center on 2 and 12 October you will learn about the unique position Acem has in the meditation landscape.

The Beatles learnt meditation in India in 1968 - and transformed it immediately from a marginal to a major phenomenon in Western youth culture.  Later we have seen a number of guru movements, new age groups and after the millennium also mindfulness meditations with buddhist inspiration.  In Norway the organisation Acem were established in the early sixties.  Through 50 years it has developed Acem Meditation as a non-religious, mindful methode based on modern psychology and science.  Get insights into Acem's development and position in the meditation landscape - first in Norway and Scandinavia - and later throughout Europe and in India and Taiwan.

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