Meditate the Nordic way

Acem Meditation has been developed in Scandinavia. It’s rather like taking a refreshing walk in the woods - inside you.

Groundedness and simple beauty

Scandinavians tend to be grounded and down to earth. At the same time, the Nordic outlook and life style has certain meditative qualities. Think Scandinavian design: the simple beauty of form following function. Think clean air, fresh water, the fjords of Norway or the vast lakes of Finland. The midnight sun in the summer. The northern lights in winter. The rejuvenating encounter with the spontaneous flow of thoughts and feelings during Acem Meditation.

Hard work and regular relaxation

For many Scandinavians, recreation means regularly seeking the silence of nature, usually every weekend, renewing oneself to meet the challenges of everyday life. Scandinavians work hard. They, too, get tired and stressed out from the hectic challenges of modern life, and need rejuvenation, just like everyone else. Acem Meditation provides opportunities for regular relaxation, rest and renewed energy.

Medical doctors and psychological skills

The Scandinavian outlook is modern, pragmatic, level-headed. Acem Meditation has been developed by medical doctors, psychologists and other professionals firmly based in scientific tradition. You are on safe and neutral ground. Acem Meditation is taught using group dynamics and psychological skills and theory. This has increased the potency of meditation, with better effects for the practitioner.

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