Acem Meditation reduces harmful stress

A growing body of research, and nearly 50 years of experience, has shown that Acem Meditation induces deep relaxation and is an effective way to break vicious circles and combat chronic stress.

Acem Meditation and relationships

Acem Meditation is a tool for improving the quality of relationships. After having unloaded the stress from the day, it is easier to enjoy the company of people we care about.

Scientific research

The anti-stress effects of Acem Meditation are confirmed by scientific research. Blood pressure and heart rate are reduced, the immune system is strengthened, performance under pressure is enhanced, and brain waves show deep relaxation.

More energy

Acem Meditation re-energizes the mind and body by enabling us to tap into our source of inner strength.

Acem Meditation for health and well-being

Recent scientific studies document that Acem Meditation has biological effects that may be good for your health in a number of ways.

Acem Meditation and creativity

Sometimes we are in the flow. We are present, close to ourselves and others, and do things in fresh ways rather than repeating known patterns.

The power of silence

You sit down, close your eyes and start meditating. Your breathing slows down, and your thoughts flow almost imperceptibly by.

Non-religious meditation

Acem Meditation is a non-religious technique developed in Scandinavia by doctors and psychologists. Its profound effects come from opening the mind rather than directing it towards particular goals.

Beyond mindfulness

Like mindfulness, Acem Meditation is based on acceptance and a non-judgemental attitude. In addition, it triggers spontaneous mental processes that bring about deep relaxation, stimulate creativity and pave the way for personal development.

Meditate the Nordic way

Acem Meditation has been developed in Scandinavia. It’s rather like taking a refreshing walk in the woods - inside you.

Anoop Jayaraj

Chess is a logical game, and you can’t allow yourself to be carried away by emotions. If you touch a piece, you have to move it. One little diversion can lose an entire game. Anoop found that Acem Meditation helped him to concentrate.

Various kinds of meditation

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