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Course type: Beginner's Courses

Acem Meditation is easy to learn. Personal instruction and guidance ensure that you get a good start. Group discussions help you to deal with beginner’s problems and to establish a meditation habit.

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Course facts

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Course starts
Tuesday 06 November 2012
Last day of course
Tuesday 27 November 2012
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Medborgarskolan Umeå

A beginner's course usually consists of 2-4 sessions, each providing ample opportunity for personal practice followed by guidance and discussion. Groups of 5-15 participants meet for altogether 7-12 hours. Topics covered include:

  •  Brief introduction and personal instruction
  •  Applying the basic principles to your own practice
  •  From stress relief to personal process
  •  Scientific research and the psychology of meditation

You learn how to use Acem Meditation for relaxation and stress management, and you lay the foundation for a fascinating process of personality development and self-understanding.

The book Acem Meditation - An Introductory Companion is included in the course fee. While you cannot learn the technique from a book, a CD, or the Internet, the psychology of meditation stimulates your practice and provides a fuller understanding of the process.

After the course, you can practise the technique on your own, whether you choose to become a regular meditator or to meditate whenever you feel the need.

If you wish, you may continue to discuss your meditation practice with a qualified guide after the course. You may also choose between a number of follow-up activities, such as group meditations, talks and lectures, the follow-up courses M1 and M2, as well as weekend retreats where you can get away for a while and recharge your batteries.

All instructors have been through several years of training and have long teaching experience.

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The course is arranged by Acem Sverige

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OBS! Anmälan görs till Medborgarskolan i Umeå. Kursavgiften är 900 kr, resp. 600 kr för heltidsstuderande. Medborgarskolan Umeå Östra Rådhusgatan 2 90326 UMEÅ 090-77 96 11


Lise-Lotte Bergfors

Apotekare. Kursledare i Acem. Ansvarig för Acem i Umeå.