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Acem Talk: Freedom of the mind

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Recent research on Acem Meditation

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Sunday 07 September 2014
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London

Mindfulness. Zen. Acem.  Meditation drumming. Chakra. Buddhist and transcendental meditation. There are countless ways of meditating, but the purpose behind them all remains basically the same: more peace, less stress, better concentration, greater self-awareness and better processing of thoughts and feelings.

But which of these techniques should a poor stressed-out wretch choose? What does the research say?


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The course is arranged by Acem UK School of Meditation

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The seminar starts at 4pm.
30 min group meditation from 3.15pm for those who are interested.


Svend Davanger

Professor Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo. Acem Meditation instructor.